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3 Lessons I learned One Year into Marriage

I love being married and it's been an amazing experience, but if I'm honest, it hasn't always been easy. I remember before I got married seeking the advice of married men I respected, and they all gave me a piece of advice I've found to be true one year into marriage- Never stop loving dating your wife and never stop learning about yourself, your marriage and your wife.

So with one whole year of being married, here are the 3 lessons I have learned:

1. Marriage is a sacrifice

I’ve heard this one over and over for years, but I never truly understood it until I got married. I realized that I'm selfish about the way I spend my time, and that I'm pretty lazy about doing chores! One of the best ways I can love my wife is by choosing to spend time and being fully present with Katie, or simply doing more chores. Trust me, I’m still growing in both of these areas!

2. You learn more about yourself

I’m an introspective person, so I thought I knew who I was before we got married, but I’ve never learned so much about myself in such a short amount of time. The biggest thing I learned about myself is how my past, the way I was raised and my hurt still effect me today, and the importance of constantly giving all the junk in my past to God in order to be healthy, move forward and enjoy the amazing relationship that is my marriage.

3. God is faithful

This year has brought us an incredible amount of change, a lot more than we expected. In some ways, Katie and I adapted well, but there are some key areas where I wanted to desperately hold onto the past. I knew God was calling us to a new season, but I didn’t want to move. During a time of reflection recently, I realized that God had been preparing us for this new season, bringing people into our lives, working in our hearts, changing our attitude and bringing me and Katie closer together in order to step into this new season confidently. Today, we’re still in the middle of the transition process, but we’re following God into this new season full of excitement and His peace!

What’s Ahead...

Doing more traveling! This summer we plan to travel to Vancouver, Canada, and next summer we want to travel to Europe! We also have a bunch of shorter trips planned to visit family and friends in various parts of the country.

Written by Kendall, Henderson Learning Center Director. Kendall loves to spend time with his wife, brewing a delicious v-60 cup of coffee and playing guitar.