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Marked by Love

What words would you use to describe the word, Violent? Maybe a scene of the crime? Or perhaps a bull fight? This question recently came up in a game of apples to apples with our elementary students.

Their answer shocked us all...

Can you guess which word that 4th grade student used to describe violent?

... At My Parent’s House

Yep, that’s what the 4th grade girl chose. The kids thought nothing of it but I was shocked. So much so that I snapped this picture before we moved on to the next round. Who knew that a simple game of Apples to Apples would be so eye-opening?

What do you think of when you hear the word “violent?” Maybe it’s the stories you hear on the evening news of a 24-year-old shot in a part of town miles away from you. Well those stories are closer to home for the kids at Club Christ. Violence isn’t just surrounding them, it is happening directly to them.

Greg is a kid that had big round eyes and a huge grin that was missing one of his front teeth. He came to our center as a first grader and immediately we could tell something wasn’t right. His cloths were tattered and way too big for his little frame. Later we learned that this little guy had a drug addicted mother who didn’t care for him very well. And she sometimes spun out of control.

Every year we had a celebration at the nearby park to celebrate how well the kids had done in school. Greg showed up and he wasn’t his normal happy self. His Center Director asked him what was wrong and he slowly lifted up the bottom of his shorts to show a black and blue bruise across both his thighs. “My mom got mad at me and hit me with her belt.”

That was our first call to CPS as an organization and sadly that wasn’t our last. We have seen first-hand how “violent” does describe many of their home lives. And it breaks our hearts.

Why are we here? To see these communities marked by violence transformed by love.

Written by Founder and Executive Director, Evan Hartsell