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Meet the Velasquez Family

We are so blessed the Velasquez family is part of the Las Vegas Center. Angelica is on her own with four young boys ages 1, 3, 7, and 12. The oldest, Manuel, started attending the center last summer and would not smile or speak at all. He is still very shy, but will definitely crack a smile and talk when prompted. We took Manuel with other teens to Christmas at Central and he absolutely LOVED it. He continually asked me to send pictures to his mom because he could not believe how beautiful it was. Manuel is currently attending a magnet school and has expressed gratitude that Club Christ made that possible. Manuel is such a huge help to his mom and we are so proud of how he has stepped up to such responsibility.

Leonardo, the seven-year-old, has the SWEETEST heart ever!!!! He literally is the cutest kid!! Leonardo has been attending the center since the summer and had perfect attendance the first semester of the school year. Leonardo has such awesome manners and dreams of having a pet bunny. Both Leonardo and Manuel are awesome examples to their little brothers. We are so glad they have a place where they can connect with positive male role models and share their vulnerabilities; such as how hard life is without their dad.

Angelica has not missed a meeting of our monthly Mom’s Bible study that started in October. She comes to be encouraged, strengthened, and to know God’s truth. She shared how important the mom community is to her because she has no family here. These ladies have laughed, hugged, cried, prayed and read God’s Word together. She faces so many challenges; sometimes not knowing how rent will be paid, or if she has the strength to cook another meal but knows God is always with her. She really is one of the strongest and bravest women I know. I am so proud to be able to walk alongside the families at the Las Vegas Center, like the Velasquez family.

Written by Jessica Estrada, Las Vegas Center Director