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4 Benefits of our Christmas Parties

We love our Christmas parties, and our students especially love it. In fact, they usually start asking about it somewhere around August. I can't blame them. We do it big- Christmas tree, gingerbread houses, cookies, hot chocolate, music, gifts, awards and over 200 guests. However, what we do is more than just throwing a party. It's a well thought out, intentional event with the goal of empowering our students.

4 Benefits of our Christmas Parties:


Students, volunteers and our staff share the miracle of Jesus, and what God has done for us this year!


It takes a village to raise kids, and it's always special when we get to bring the staff, students, their families, volunteers, donors and everyone together to celebrate!


We honor our students and their families for all of their hard work. Each student receives a personalized award determined by an achievement or unique characteristic to that specific student. For many of our students, receiving an award in front of their family is their favorite part of the party!

To love our students

Yes, we give our students presents- one gift being shoes or a jacket, and the other a toy, but it's so much more than that. It's an opportunity for our staff, volunteers, churches, business partnerships and donors to show our students that they are loved.

Written by Kendall Demavivas, Henderson Center Director

Kendall loves spending time with his wife drinking coffee, music, movies and is passionate about our mission, church and mentoring young men.