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4 Ways You Give Out of Gratitude This Christmas

The word itself brings so many images to my mind: beautiful lights, gingerbread houses, Christmas trees, snow, parties, friends, family, cards, and gifts. Ah, that last item, gifts. That is what Christmas means to A LOT of people. My husband and I are always trying to reinforce to our three daughters that Christmas is not about the gifts and receiving the newest doll or a really cool pair of sneakers.

But when I think about what Christmas really means it IS all about THE GIFT. The greatest gift ever given. History forever changed!

The gift; the Savior of the world, Jesus, being born in a humble stable. He was not born in the most expensive hotel with satin sheets and doctors and nurses to give him the best care. He was not born with an entire family gathered around to welcome him into the world. His first smells and sounds were probably that of animals and hay, while he was wrapped in cloths and lay in a feeding trough. Not the picture of an entering Prince that we would imagine. But yet the shining star provided the beautiful lights and the angels provided the singing.

So, just as Jesus humbly gave of himself, not only in his birth but throughout His entire life, for each one of us; we are to ask ourselves, “How can I give my life back to you, Jesus, out of gratitude?”

4 Ways You Can Give This Christmas:

1. Invite the lonely neighbor over for dinner

2. Serve in a food pantry

3. Maybe we can forgive that person who does not “deserve” it

4. Put away our phones and spend true quality time with our loved ones

Christmas is not about the gifts. It is about the ULTIMATE gift, Jesus. This season let us live like Him and freely give our times, our hearts, and our love.

Written by Jessica Estrada | Las Vegas Center Director

Jessica husband Miguel have three beautiful daughters: Makenzie, Madison, and Caylee. Two of their Christmas traditions include a Happy Birthday Jesus party and driving around to look at Christmas lights. Charlie’s Brown Christmas is her favorite Christmas movie!