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Why I Give- A Donor Interview

Tomorrow is our biggest fundraiser of the year, our annual Call for a Cause Phonathon. Our goal? To raise $25,000 to empower over 100 urban youth in Las Vegas to transform their communities for Christ.

Long-time donor, Bobby Hoffman sat down with Kendall to discuss why he chooses to give to Club Christ, the results he expects of his donation, and what he would do if he were Executive Director for a month.

Why does our mission matter to you?

I see an incredible amount of pain and an overwhelming amount of untapped potential in the lives that Club Christ serves. The only way for anything there to flourish is by community leaders introducing Jesus to the environment.

What makes Club Christ unique and why did you give to us?

The people who are leading the mission. They have a deep anointing from God for this ministry, and their passion has not fizzled out with rhetoric. Their passion for following God’s vision has included building a solid organization managed on Godly principals that will stand steadfast in years to come. They are driven by love for those they serve even to the smallest bookkeeping tasks and administration functions. For that reason I foresee Club Christ steadily expanding their impact has time goes on.

What critical results do you expect Club Christ to meet?

First of all I expect an increase in program attendance. Beyond that, spiritually, I expect an increase in the students who know Christ, and a meaningful increase in the maturity of those students who know Him. Academically, I expect more students to perform academically at grade level, and of coarse for a high number of our students to graduate high school.

What do you believe would best empower urban youth to transform their communities for Christ?

That’s an easy one. Jesus. Reliance on God’s word, a Godly mentor, and a firm church family.

If you were Executive Director for a month, what would you do and why?

First I would try to learn about the communities and how Club Christ's strategy, time and energy spent result in accomplishing our mission. But if I could accomplish one thing I would want to find a way to bring more large donations in on a regular basis from corporate sponsors, or maybe increase awareness around the communities where Club Christ serves.

Bobby Hoffman was raised and currently lives here in Las Vegas. Bobby serves as a youth leader at Crossroads Community Church, where a number of our Henderson Teens attend youth group each week.