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Creativity Strikes

This year our teens have been working on creative writing and it has been awesome to witness their personalities shine through their written words. Some of the poems they've written have been Personae Poems, Found Poems, and Backstory Pieces. Our teens have really opened up and become vulnerable through their expressive writing. They are truly developing and nurturing a love for writing and we want to share writing pieces from three of our Las Vegas Center teens: Natalie, Desiree, and Gabe.

"Trust" by Natalie

Start something that matters.

They don’t know we are here.

When I return from that first shoe drop I was a new person every year.

Building trust is not only a business, strategy or even just a nice thing to do.

Trust is believing in what me and you can do.

If you are a man and your heart is not made of stone, come to me later as you will be grown.

"Person" by Desiree

I work,

I play,

I wash their plates and their eating fork,

When they’re sick I stay,

I wipe their tears,

I wipe their hands,

And defeat their fears,

I hold them tight like a wristband,

I am a Father,

A husband,

A fighter,

I am loyal,






Also known as daughter,



My joy,

My heart,

My will,

This is me,

Them are they,

And we are we.

"Enough" by Gabe

A word from you is enough.

What sort of people live around here?

My pitching days are over.

There have been fights for you.

When will people matter and be better.

Natalie and Desiree are currently in the 10th grade and both plan on joining the military after graduating high school. Gabe is in 8th grade and wants to pursue a career in the technology field.