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#VivaLasDemavivas, A Love Story

Tomorrow our Henderson Center Director Kendall is marrying the love of his life, Katie. We are so excited to share a bit about their story and the vision for their marriage!

Katie: I remember hanging out with some friends at a McDonald’s one night after our church service and asking Kendall what he wanted to do when he finished college. He spoke about being raised in a single parent home and how that experience ignited his passion for serving and educating low-income students here in Las Vegas. I was shocked because I shared that same vision! It was that night four years ago when I first invited him to volunteer at Club Christ! Today, that one invitation has turned into more than I could have ever imagined! In almost four years together, we have supported each other through undergraduate degrees, working multiple jobs, family drama, and long distance. Kendall is working at Club Christ where he is seeing so much fruit from his hard work and from God’s goodness and I am a few months away from teaching elementary school and doing the work I know God has created me to do. I haven’t had much doubt that God was in our relationship from the start, putting together two people with the same passion and vision for our city.

Kendall: Shameless plug to brag about my soon-to-be-wife, I am so excited and proud of her to begin God’s given plan for her life as an elementary school teacher. We are not sure where Katie will be teaching at this point, but I know that Katie will love her students, pray for her students, lead her students and devote her life to providing them with the most inspiring and excellent education she possibly can. Anyway….I cannot believe I am marrying my best friend and woman of my dreams tomorrow! There is so much to thank Katie for, but her invitation to volunteer at Club Christ, the first step in several steps that led to the job of my dreams, may be one of the things in which I am most thankful. She has been the biggest encourager of my journey from volunteer to Center Director.

Katie: I want our marriage to point people directly to Jesus. In fact, we want people to think there’s no way we’re doing this without Jesus! As Christians we are here to let our light shine before others and one of the most profound ways to do that is to have a marriage that is completely opposite to our culture. We need Jesus to be at the center of everything we do if we hope to do life together forever. When the going gets tough we will remind each other that this marriage isn’t about us; it’s all about glorifying our Father in heaven.

Kendall: One of the reasons I am honestly most excited about getting married is to have a partner in crime. Through our journey, we truly will be living the dream of investing into the youth of Las Vegas together for God’s glory as a center director, teacher, youth leaders, mentors, husband and wife, and if/when God calls us to be parents. In fact, I know one of the reasons God brought us together is because of our passion for youth and vision for unity in families in Las Vegas- both low-income and affluent. It’s our hope that our marriage, through good and bad, would be counter-cultural. When servanthood, faithfulness, gentleness and love are exemplified, and our father in heaven is given glory.

“Marriage is a big deal when you think of it that way. God does so much work in our minds and hearts through this relationship. Marriage is one of the most humbling, sanctifying journeys you will ever be a part of. It forces us to wrestle with our selfishness and pride. But it also gives us a platform to display love and commitment.”

– Lisa Chan (You and Me Forever)