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Alisa's Unlikely Journey

The beginning of Alisa’s story is one that is too common for first generation Mexican-Americans living in Las Vegas.

Raised in a home with an abusive father for the first few years of her life, Alisa struggled with trusting others. Her mom, a single mother who only spoke Spanish, struggled to provide financial and educational support. With an inability to read, it appeared Alisa and her siblings would become another drop-out statistic.

But God...

Eight years ago, Club Christ opened a new Learning Center in old Henderson, and after hearing about us from her older siblings, Alisa was excited to learn to read and make friends. That’s where she met then Center Director, Kendra, and the volunteers. Slowly, her life began to change. A few weeks later, Alisa first learned about Jesus and God’s special love for those who are hurt and fatherless. She discovered that He has THE plan to make it better and that gave her the freedom she needed to trust others, especially Kendra.

Two years later, Alisa made significant progress in her reading and opened her life up to God. Sadly, due to a mold infestation that caused the housing complex to be torn down, Alisa and her family were forced to move abruptly and quickly find a new home. She wasn’t sure if she would ever see her friends, Kendra, and the Club Christ Learning Center again.

Her mom struggled to find consistent work and without a community to support Alisa and her siblings in school, they began falling behind. Though her progress in reading began to fade and the stress began affecting her family, Alisa never lost hope. She took solace in a Bible given to her by Kendra and continued to trust that God would provide.

God proved to be faithful and three years after they were forced to move, Alisa’s family was invited to move back into the housing complex in old Henderson. She reconnected with Kendra and was encouraged to come back once the program started. Alisa and her brother Alam quickly re-enrolled and became faithful students of our teen leadership program, and begin to attend theSOCIAL, the youth group at Kendall’s church, Crossroads Community Church.

One month later and through the help of generous donations from our donors, Alisa and Alam were able to attend summer camp with theSOCIAL. They would never be the same because they made the decision to give their lives to Jesus! On this retreat away from the violence of the community and emotional stress of their struggling mother, Alisa learned, in her own words,”God, who is the Creator of the entire world loves me so much, that He wanted to take away my hurt with His love!”

Today, Alisa is free from the fear left by an abusive father and is full of dreams, allowing God to use her to impact the community. Alisa continues to work hard in school, faithfully attending Club Christ and theSOCIAL, loving her family and trusting God. When asked what Club Christ has done for her, Alisa responded, “Before I came, I did not know Jesus existed. I now know God wants to change my life and use me to change the lives of others. Club Christ will help me work hard and build a better life when I get older.”

Alisa’s story is a success story not of our organization or theSOCIAL alone, but of God’s ability to change the lives of people who are lost, broken and hurt. It is our privilege to share this story with you, and we thank you for your continued support of Club Christ.

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come:

The old has gone, the new is here!”

-2 Corinthians 5:17